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Production activity

The production process contains the following activities: inquiry reception, quotation making, pattern production, technological process, samples verifying, casting production, heat treatment, packing, eventually machining, shipment, invoicing. 

The sand mixture preparation has own sand dryer. We use metal mill MK2.

The melting department has got three induction furnaces with capacity 300 kg for grey, ductile iron and aluminium, cuprum alloy and also two induction furnaces with capacity 600 kg for steel iron castings. We have got own spectrometer for the pretest measuring and chemical composition measuring. We are capable to arrange the other customer castings requirements (mechanical properties, destructive and nondestructive tests and etc.) in a cooperation.  

We pour into a bentonite sand mixture with the disposition of moulding frames from 420x340mm to 700x500mm for machines or manually with the option of expanding the dimensions of the casting frame up to 1540x1540mm or 2000x900mm. It provides us for satisfying of customer demands. (single-part production and series production).

The moulding frames are put to a shake-out hake after pouring and cooling. The inflowes and feeders are removed from the castings. The castings are blasted in a blasting machine Wheelabrator WS3. Then the castings are fettled and cleaned in a grinding shop.

The castings are prepared for a shipment to customer or machinist after a visual control.